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It’s been a month since election day and I wanted to thank all of you once again for your support. I am so honored to be serving as your representative on James Island Town Council. When I was out campaigning I promised not to be another politician who only talks with folks around election time, and that is why I’m sending this email.

I want to stay in contact with you during my time in office. Periodically, I will send out an email update and post it on my website ( However, this communication shouldn’t just be one-sided – I want to hear from YOU! You can always email me at or call me at 843-814-8684.

I’ll keep the first update brief – but let me know what other issues you want to hear about.


BUDGET 2010 –

As some of you may have heard, the budget we inherited from Mary Clark and her administration is worse then we thought. Thousands of dollars had been allocated to frivolous causes, her son was paid in full for his contract without completing all the work, and the list goes on. However instead of getting stuck in the past, we went to work. I, along with the rest of Council and Mayor Woolsey, have been doing our best to develop a smart budget that reigns in spending and shifts money to more essential services like ditch-cleaning.

You can read more about our efforts in a few articles from the Post and Courier:
Woolsey proposes new budget with $1M less spending, 9/8/10
Changes ahead for James Island, 8/30/10
Payments by former Mayor Clark prompt questions, 9/14/10
“James Island’s clean-up job,” 9/15/10


Also, many of you have be writing to me and asking about the proposed I-526 expansion. All too often, people on both sides of a controversial issue jump to conclusions without studying all the facts. For a project that will cost half a billion dollars, and affect thousands of residents I think it is important to have all of the facts before making a decision

I have spent substantial time studying the facts and do not believe that the expansion of I-526 is a wise idea at this point.  It seems to be a very expensive project and I haven’t seen enough proof that it would actually fix the traffic issues on James Island. I also want to commend the hundreds of residents who have come out to public forums over the last few weeks to express their opinion about this issue. It is so good to see the people of James Island standing up for what they believe in.

For more information on the proposal here is the DOT’s plan ( as well as a website from those who are opposed to the expansion (


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