About Carter

Carter McMillan is a James Islander and is committed to improving the quality of life for all people on James Island. After Hurricane Hugo Carter  helped throw a benefit concert to raise money for re-building. This experience led him to help co-found the downtown music venue, The Music Farm which has become a local icon. This experience taught Carter how important following a budget and meeting deadlines are. “It seems like some on town council missed basic accounting in school and don’t know how to balance a budget” said McMillan.

Carter McMillan is running to restore common-sense government to the Town of James Island. “Basic services like fixing roads and protecting our citizens have fallen to the side over the last few years” added McMillan “I want to make sure we take care of all our residents on the Island”. On August 3rd the Town of James Island has the chance to vote for more of the same or to elect a new leader, a businessman, Carter McMillan,  to clean up the mess on James Island.


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